For $100, we can provide a family with an easy-to-use filter that requires no power or chemicals and can make contaminated water safe to drink for over 10 people in a family.

$100 can turn dirty water into clean water.

Give to Provide Water Filters to Families in Kibogo Village

Hundreds of Families in Kibogo village do not have access to clean, running water like most of us do. There is one water source, moreover a pond which serves all the people in this village and their livestock. This is dirty water, contaminated and unsafe for drinking.

It is not surprising then that diseases like typhoid, cholera and other potentially life-threatening waterborne illnesses are a common occurrence in this village, particularly in children 5 years old and the elderly.

This year FoHA launched 50+ Filters, a campaign with a goal of giving out a minimum of 50 water filters with each filter supporting one family. Our priority are families of the elderly and also with children under 5 years.We hope to see families living healthier and happy lives by the end of this campaign.

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