…For whoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because you belong to Christ, assuredly, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward… Mark 9:41

Oftentimes, the most significant and long-lasting solution to a remote village’s water problem can be answered with the drilling of deep-water wells, commonly known as “boreholes.” Boreholes offer access to clean water below the earth’s surface which can be easily extracted using a small hand pump.
Ittakes less than a month to construct a bore hole and it serve more than 5,000 people in the community for 30-50 years with little maintenance. FoHA’s responds to the great need of water in the community by drilling boreholes and giving the responsibility of maintenance to the community members who select a committee of volunteers among themselves to ensure proper handling of the borehole.

How To Get Involved

Building a centrally located borehole provides a sustainable, lifesaving solution to the problem of lack of clean and safe water. It costs $10,000 to drill a bore hole and this covers labor, machinery and surveying fees to identify the right location for the borehole. We can stop the cycle of water related deaths in vulnerable communitieswith each new water well that we drill; as an individual, family, community or church. Below are just a few ways you can help. Please email Doreen ( for more ideas.

Walk for Water

Walk 4 Water is a fundraising event that represents the journey thousands of people in vulnerable communities walk each day in search for clean and safe water. It’s a wonderful event designed for people of all ages. Would you like to join us on a Walk or start one in your area? Contact us today at for more information.
We will be availing to you all the info that you might need about the village where the well will be drilled with a video of the community and the people whose lives will be saved if you chose to walk a mile in their shoes for safe water.
After all is done, we would love to encourage you to mobilize a team to travel with us to share into the joy of the people and to learnthe true meaning of gratefulness in Africa.

A well in your family, Church’s nameor individual.

With a gift of $5000 or more, you can drill a water well in your name, your family’s name or in the name of your church. We’ll provide a plaque with the name of the sponsor and have it installed on the platform of the well.
On top of reducing the distance that thousands of people walk in search for water, your financial gift will allow children to spend more time in school focusing on education and not worried about waking up early in the morning to search for water. It will also save the community from water related diseases. Leave a life-saving legacy today.