Child Health and Development

Children represent the future

FoHA strives to eliminate the unnecessary sufferings and deaths among children by providing free comprehensive health care, food and educational assistance. We work in partnership with regional health centers and local churches to identify and support children affected by HIV/AIDS

Save the Children

Every year thousands of children die before reaching their fifth birthday. More than half of these deaths are caused by conditions that are preventable or treatable, including pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, and malnutrition. These are deaths that could be prevented or cured with simple and affordable remedies— bed nets, food and clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, HIV/AIDS is another very big problem with its greatest impact being on the children    especially those in rural communities. Hundreds get infected through mother-to-child transmission, others are living with ill parents and thousands are living without one or both parents due to AIDS.

our Intervention Projects

Pediatric Medical missions

Seeing a doctor is a rare occurrence and a great blessing in many rural communities. Mothers walk miles with their sick children seeking medical care, only to find that there are no doctors and no medicine. Through these missions FoHA gives free treatment to children with special focus on malaria and respiratory-tract infections. These are special days for children where many of their medical and prayer needs are addressed and their voices heard

Nutrition & safe water

FoHA gives food packages to low income families with infants and children suffering from severe malnutrition. We ensure that children have a daily meal at school, encouraging them to attend classes and to perform better on a full stomach. 

We also give water filters to families that children will have access to safe drinking water


We provide educational assistance to children through our child sponsorship program which connects individual sponsors to vulnerable children. We also started New Hope Academy to help children in Mityana District- Uganda go to school when their families can’t afford the fees and supplies necessary to attend.