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Where Most Needed

The need is big where we serve that it gets hard to decide where to give to make the greatest impact. Your gift to “Where Most Needed” equips us with the resources to respond quickly to urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet.

Fund a Project

We have some projects in the pipeline, just waiting on funding to make them happen. Check out our projects and find one you’re passionate about. Read more

Donate to a specific cause

We support a wide variety of programs that promote the health and well-being of vulnerable families. Here are some of the ways your support can be  used to change the lives of the people we serve.  

When you give a gift of $15, You can help

  • Screen a mother for cervical cancer. Read More
  • Pay school fees for a child affected by HIV/AIDS. (This is part sponsorship of $15/month)

When you commit to a monthly gift of $30/month, 

  • You give full sponsorship to a child affected by HIV/AIDS.

This covers their school tuition, school uniform, a pair of shoes and a meal while at school.

You can  Sign Up  to become a child sponsor today or give a onetime gift.

One of FoHA’s programs is taking care of Children affected by HIV/AIDS. These include:

  • Children whose parents are ill
  • Children whose parents have died
  • Children with HIV/AIDS.

One of the ways we can use your gift of $50, is to provide a Health diet to these children and their families

Some of the ways we can use your gift of $100 is by:

  • Giving water filters to families for safe drinking water
  • Supporting children with medical emergencies
  • Facilitate a community Health Education Program
  • Empower single mothers through income generating projects.

When you commit to a monthly gift of $125, you can help sponsor a student nurse during her three years training.

your support can be paid in 3 ways:

$125- Monthly

$375- Quarterly

$1,500- Annually

Read more about the Nurses Education Program

A gift of $1500 will have a huge impact in the communities where we serve. Your gift of $1500 can support our Medical Mission budget. This includes:

  • Buying Medicine
  • Hiring Professional Doctors
  • Hiring medical Equipments
  • Transportation
  • Meals for the team
  • etc

Access to clean and safe drinking water is one of the challenges faced by the people in the communities where we serve. People especially mothers and children have to walk miles every day in search for water which is even contaminated. It costs $10,000 to drill a borehole for the whole community to have safe and clean water.

Your gift of $10,000, can help save the lives of over 5000 people in the community. Women will get more time to work, diseases will be prevented and children will keep in school.

Donate to the Water Filters Campaign


For $100, we can provide a family with an easy-to-use filter that requires no power or chemicals and can make contaminated water safe to drink for over 10 people in a family.

Give to Provide Water Filters to Families in Kibogo Village

Hundreds of Families in Kibogo village do not have access to clean, running water like most of us do. There is one water source, moreover a pond which serves all the people in this village and their livestock. This is dirty water, contaminated and unsafe for drinking.

It is not surprising then that diseases like typhoid, cholera and other potentially life-threatening waterborne illnesses are a common occurrence in this village, particularly in children 5 years old and the elderly.

This year FoHA launched 50+ Filters, a campaign with a goal of giving out a minimum of 50 water filters with each filter supporting one family. Our priority are families of the elderly and also with children under 5 years.We hope to see families living healthier and happy lives by the end of this campaign.

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*Every donation, no matter how small, will have a dramatic impact on improving the lives of the people we serve. You can make a gift of any amount to be used as you wish to rescue a family from poor health.