Fund a Project

We have some projects in the pipeline, just waiting on funding to make them happen. Check out our projects and find one you’re passionate about. Then you or your group can donate directly to that project. You may even want to hold a fundraising event to help the project along.


Lack of access to clean and safe water is one of the major problems faced by the people in the communities we serve in. The lack of it has affected the future of the children and has led to loss of lives due to water related diseases. Because many families are under the care of old and weak grandparents, they cannot manage to walk the long distances to fetch water. It remains the task of the children to get water for their families early in the morning before they get to school. By the time they get to school, they are already exhausted and tired. This has affected their performance in class and many have lost interest in education because they fail to score the required marks to get promoted to the next classes. This also explains why many girls end up getting married at early ages and the rise in HIV/AIDS. It starts with water.

As FoHA our plan is to drill as many water wells as possible in every affected community to save lives. It costs $10,000 to drill a water well and we are working on raising this money as soon as possible. Chose today to save a life, Donate towards the water project.


One of FoHA’s core programs is Medical Mission. Medical Missions are conducted in rural communities where access to health care is a very big challenge that patients have to walk miles to get to the nearest health centers.
However, these health centers besides being very far, they are under facilitated with no medicine and necessary equipment. As FoHA, We would like to establish Medical Centers (Health Center III) in most regions of Uganda following a Medical Mission to save the lives of people in rural communities through affordable medical services

Mobile Medical Van- $10,000

One of the biggest challenges we face during our mission outreaches, is transportation. We serve in very remote communities with poor roads which require specific types of vehicles to go through them. Having a 4×4 van will help solve the two challenges we face during Medical Mission outreaches. It is the best fit for the kind of missions we do and with it FoHA will be able to cover more regions and also respond to more emergency cases in the communities we serve in and during Medical Missions. We currently hire a van each time we have a Medical Mission outreach and this raises the Mission Budget.  Having a Missions van belonging to FoHA will only require fuel and it will help have more outreaches. Partner with us in buying a 4×4 Mobile Medical Van for our Medical Missions