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Just in time for Ben and his family

I would be sharing a different story now, the kind of stories so common to our eyes and ears of what is happening in Africa. Sometimes we choose to look somewhere else but again vivid pictures of what we saw and read keep on coming to us and often times tears start rolling from our eyes each time we see water flowing from the taps we have in our houses. Surely it’s sometimes too hard for us to believe that this is happening and we keep on asking ourselves, “are all these people dying because of water? Aren’t all these diseases preventable and actually treatable?” such questions and more keep on coming to us and we keep wondering if this is really happening. My friend, yes; this is actually happening here. Right, water is life but there is no life in the water that our people are drinking. They walk miles to find it and if found, they will have to wait for the visible dirt to settle and after livestock are done feeding. Sickness to them is a sure mark for one’s end of life and there is limited hope of survival. Private Health care is hard to afford, Public Health centers miles away from them and transportation is another tough story. If one finally happens to make it there, he will have to be lucky to find a doctor at the center with the right medicine needed. Usually the only help they get is prescription for the medicine they need and because they cannot afford it, they will go back to their houses and resort to local herbs which are never helpful but a catalyst for quick death.

Its a different story for Ben and his family

Ben’s story has a totally different ending. He did not die and we don’t expect him to die, at least not from anything related to contaminated water. He survived dying from typhoid, a disease that put him down for over two weeks and not working. Ben and his wife are farmers and this is how they are able to look after their family. They grow corn but due to the previous long drought, Ben and his wife did not get what they expected from their garden. They grinded a little corn for food and sold the rest to save for their children’s school fees for this term. However, Ben’s wife shared this with us, “we used all the money on my husband’s treatment; and now we have nothing left. Our children will have to wait until the next season to go to school. The most important thing is that we saved my husband’s life.”

Looking at Ben’s medical papers.
How we identified Ben and his family

I did not tell you how we got to this family. Each year together with the ministry team we get to visit families in the communities where we serve to see the impact of our work and also identify points where more attention is needed. One of the families we visited last year was Ben’s family in a village called Nabumbugu. Together we visited where they fetch their water and it was the same story just like in the rest of the families. Their water was dirty and contaminated.

Ben showing us where they get their water from (Picture taken last year-2017)

We made a commitment to raise funds for a bore hole to be drilled and also decided to give families water filters that they will take safe drinking water. This year we launched a campaign which we called 50+Filters with a goal of giving out more than 50 water filters to families in the village of Kibogo and those surrounding it. The arrangement is that at least 5 families will receive filters every month. The first distribution was this month on 12thand Ben’s family is one of the 5 families which received water filters.

Ben and his family with the water filter

We reached at Ben’s home at around 12pm, found Ben in bed and his wife with the children in the garden. They welcomed us with gladness and the wife called his husband out to receive us. We gave them the water filter and what Ben shared with us was really humbling, “you came just in the right time. The doctor told me that what caused my sickness was contaminated water”. Ben and his family will not suffer from water related diseases any more. Not only Ben but all the rest of the families we have been able to give water filters since 2014. A big thank you to all our friends and partners who through giving towards this campaign are keeping children at school, enabling parents to work and feed their families and above it all; enabling us to rescue families and communities from poor health.

We would love your gift to be one of the filters we are giving out in the next distribution, Give Now.