Maternal Health & Empowerment

Everyday, 800 women will not survive pregnancy or childbirth. Mortality rate is higher in women living in rural areas where poor health and poverty have gained a devastating edge. Very few pregnant women in these communities receive the recommended amount of antenatal care and a quarter of all births occur without any help from a skilled birth attendant. This is puts mothers and their children at a very high risk since most of the births present with fatal complications. This also increases mother-to-child HIV transmissions during child birth.

What we're doing

We support pregnant mothers living in poverty, enabling them to have consistent basic and lifesaving maternity care.

We work closely with community health centers to Prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child by identifying and supporting pregnant women who are HIV-positive

We empower women through income generating projects that they may be financially able and prepared to meet their healthcare needs

Why should a women carry a pregnancy for 9 months, only for it to turn fatal in the end?

We can do something


Antenatal visits

 $50 can transport a pregnant mother to the health center for all her antenatal visits


$25 can provide a clean and safe birth kit to a mother. It contains items like cotton, a plastic shower curtain to provide a clean surface for delivery, gloves and a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord: these help to prevent the spread of infection during delivery. 


Having a healthy diet for a pregnant mother is very important both for the mother and her baby. A $100 gift helps us feed the women who cannot afford having a daily healthy diet during their pregnancy