Medical Missions

Reaching out to the Unreached

Hundreds of people in the rural communities where we serve have no access to basic medical care.

Medical Missions is one of the core programs of FoHA where we get to Rescue hundreds of lives in vulnerable communities where health care is limited or difficult to obtain. It’s an opportunity to find Medical Emergencies and respond quick enough to Rescue their lives. Jesus healed people – inside and out. FoHA seeks to do the same through medical missions by offering medical care in Jesus’ name, reaching out the most vulnerable communities and sharing the love of Christ.

Come and serve with us

You can help by joining us on a medical mission. You don’t necessarily have to be a Doctor or a Nurse to save a life during a medical mission. Medical Missions activities range from health sensitizations to general treatment of neglected diseases. We need non-medical volunteers as much as we need Doctors and Nurses. Come and serve with us as we rescue the lives of people who cannot afford basic medical care. It’s a life changing opportunity, not only for the patients but also for all the participants.

Will you use your profession, time and money to save a life? Please consider supporting Medical Missions. Make a donation and/or Sign Up to Volunteer in one of the Up coming Medical Mission.