Nurses Education

Sponsor a Nursing student with FoHA

The Patient to nurses ratio in Uganda is 1:11,000. This puts the lives of so many people and the nurses them selves at a very big risk.

Sponsoring a nursing students enables them to get worthwhile qualifications to rescue the countless number of people dying in their communities. Its a gift to a student with the desire to rescue her own community but cannot afford the cost of training.

How Much does it cost to sponsor a student Nurse?

It costs $1,500 per year to sponsor a nursing student in Uganda and a training period of 3 years for one to become a nurse. When you signup to sponsor a nurse, you make a commitment to walk a 3 years journey with a nursing student until they graduate.

your support can be paid in 3 ways:

$125- Monthly

$375- Quarterly

$1,500- Annually

How the Nurses Education Program works.

What is the Nurses Education Program?

The Nurses Education Program (NEP) is a sponsorship program that focuses specifically on students from rural communities of Uganda with the desire to train as nurses but can not afford the training costs/fees.

How do i get started?

To get started, Fill in the NEP Registration form Here. After this is done and you have submitted the Form, We will then contact you, get to know you better and also you will get to know more about FoHA through any of us from the FoHA team.

May I correspond with my sponsored student?

Unlike in the case of the Child Sponsorship program which connects an individual child to a specific sponsor, the Nurses Education Program is a general program. When a sponsor signs up to sponsor a nursing student, he or she is given the name of the student Nurse selected by FoHA, a profile about the community he/she comes from and regular updates about the student as well as the whole Nurses Education Program. However, the Sponsor can also communicate to his/her student nurse (Through FoHA) upon request.

What makes students eligible for sponsorship and how are they chosen?

This opportunity is given  specifically to students in rural communities with qualifications to train as nurses but unable to meet the costs of training.

Each student is required to write an essay, sharing their their personal mission, about their call as nurses and why they should be selected for this sponsorship.

Who can sponsor a Nursing Student?

Anyone! This includes (but is not limited to) individuals, professional groups, families, churches, and community organizations.

What is expected of the Student Nurses after their training?

FoHA desires to see rural communities free from poor health and poverty. We believe that if the local people are empowered, they can lead the change desired in their own communities. After the training, FoHA expects to see these Nurses demonstrating a Christ-like character in their calling as they serve their communities.


SERVING is a very important aspect of the Nurses Education Program and one of the core values that MUST be mastered by every Nursing Student in the Program. Each Nursing Student in the program is expected to be apart of at least all the Medical Missions organised by FoHA in the different communities. This is done as a way of instilling in each student Nurse a spirit of servant-hood and service beyond self. It is to take their focus from working for money to serving to save lives.


In addition to the certificate each Nursing student gets from the Nursing school upon gradation, Each Nursing student is awarded a Certificate of Servant-hood after completion of their 3 years mentor-ship course in FoHA.

Does FoHA give 100% financial support to the Nursing Student?

FoHA gives only 85% financial support to each Nursing Student. This is done to create a sense of ownership among the Nursing Student and to get them appreciate their individual contribution at the end of their training.