Report for the water filters campaign

It all started with Medical Missions

One of FoHA’s programs is Medical Missions and this is where we reach out to rural communities where access to health care is a very big challenge. We have conducted a number of Medical missions in different regions of Uganda and the impact has been amazing. To most people, medical Missions have been their first encounter with a doctor and to others an opportunity of starting a relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Through all these medical Missions, we realized that most of the diseases that were affecting people to the point of death could be avoided if people were empowered to prevent them. We therefore conducted a field tour, where we visited several families to identify health gaps in people’s families and what we could do to close them. One of the things we noted during these visits was the lack of access to clean and safe water. We concentrated our study in the village of Kibogo and here we found one water source serving over 200 families. They share this same pond with their livestock which makes its water unsafe for consumption.

The Water Filters Campaign_Report

It is against this background that FoHA launched a campaign with a goal of giving water filters to at least 50 families in this community that they may be able to filter their water, making it safe for drinking. We also mobilized the community through local councils, sensitizing them on keeping their water source safe and not feeding their livestock in the same pond where they get water to use at home. So far, 30 families have received water filters and they are now taking safe drinking water. We want to appreciate our friends and partners who have generously stood with us through this campaign in every way possible.

Every experience right from the start of this campaign has been humbling and amazing. However, our experience with Nampuma’s family during the recent distribution on 6th November is a special one that cannot easily be forgotten. It gave us a humbling explanation of what “New Hope” means to a mother living in poverty deep down in a remote village. Surely “New Hope” is not just words but a new life to whom it’s given.


“Surely “New Hope” is not just words but a new life to whom it’s given.”

Nampuma's family

Nampuma is a 21 years old mother of 4 boys and 1 girl. One of her boys who is 4 months is HIV positive, her only girl and first born is deaf and Nampuma herself has a mental disorder. We found this family morning for Nampuma’s mother whom they had buried two days before we took the water filter to them. Nampuma’s husband ran way and so she went to stay with her mother who had just passed away. Her mother was the only hope she had, the only helper who struggled to take care of her with her children.

However, after burial, Nampuma’s aunt of 57 years offered to stay with Nampuma and her children. We almost left without giving them the water filter because they were grieving. However, the Lord guided us on what to do and we delivered the gift to them. Nampuma did not have much to say to express her joy but her smiles communicated volumes of joy.

We may forget everything else but we will never forget what Nampuma’s aunt told us when we were leaving. “You found us crying but have comforted us with this gift. You have diverted our minds from sorrow to joy. You are our new family and now we have hope. Thank you for coming to visit us and for this gift. God bless you and the people you work with”.

Friends, on the behalf of all the families we have reached out to right from the time we received this calling, we want to say a Big Thank You to you all our friends and partners. Thank you for sharing this ministry journey with us. We ask that you will continue standing with us as we raise support for more water filters and in the rest of our programs. Thank you friends.