What child sponsorship means

Child Sponsorship connects a specific needy child to an individual sponsor who commits to a monthly gift of $30 until a child is 18 years. The monthly support takes care of a child’s Health care and educational needs. 

Choose among these children one you would like to be your sponsored child. You will then be led to a form which you will fill to get started.

Geofrey Kasaga

Birthday: 01/07/2003

Seluwoza Wilson

Birthday: 06/06/2009

Ruth Naziwa

Birthday: 28/09/2011

Sharon Nanyange

Birthday: 16/04/2010

Ritah Namirimu

Birthday: 1/09/2011

Angela Mbabazi

Birthday: 18/07/2007

Christine Kobusinge

Birthday: 22/10/2010

Ibrahim Kigozi

Birthday: 26/09/2004