Water and Sanitation

Water is Life; It shouldn't Kill

Lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation is one of the leading causes of death among rural families in Africa. Giving families access to safe drinking water and Improving their sanitary conditions is therefore a vital part of who we are.


Access to safe drinking water is one of the challenges faced by the people we serve in the rural communities. They share the same open ponds, streams, and ditches with their livestock and this gets their water contaminated causing them diseases which most of them cannot afford to treat due to poverty. At FoHA we give families Water Filters to help them filter their water, making it safe for drinking. Each filter produces approximately 8 gallons of clean water per day. It’s a unique filter that can last for at least ten years under normal use. We also work with local authorities to promote safely managed water sources and also educate communities about the dangers of taking contaminated water direct from the ponds.

Each water filters costs $100, and it can provide safe drinking water for over 10 people in a family.



The most significant and long-lasting solution to a remote village’s water problem can be answered with the drilling of deep-water wells, commonly known as “boreholes.” Boreholes offer access to clean water below the earth’s surface which can be easily extracted using a small hand pump.
It takes less than a month to construct a bore hole and it serves more than 5,000 people in the community for 30-50 years with little maintenance. FoHA’s responds to the great need of water in the community by drilling boreholes and giving the responsibility of maintenance to the community members who select a committee of volunteers among themselves to ensure proper handling of the borehole.

It costs $10,000 to drill a bore hole. Each gift gets us closer to this.


This year FoHA launched 50+ Filters, a campaign with a goal of giving out a minimum of 50 water filters with each filter supporting one family. Our priority are families of the elderly and also with children under 5 years.We hope to see families living healthier and happy lives by the end of this campaign.