Who we are

We are committed to Family and Community Health

We are called to serve the rural families and communities living in poor health all around Uganda.
We support a wide variety of programs that promote good health in vulnerable families and transformation in the communities where we serve.
We put women and children at the center of what we do.

foha-Christ centered

We are Christian

We maintain our identity as Christians. Always.

Jesus is the core of our ministry, His life and teachings shape our programs.

We are Christ's witnesses every where we go and in Him we find our call to ministry.
We follow His example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed.
We reach out to everyone we can, of any faith or none.
Our call is to serve Christ. Our Focus is on Health.

We are Stewards

We are channels of love. The resources at our disposal are not our own.
They are entrusted to us by God through our donors on behalf of the people we serve.
We are faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given and
manage them in a manner that gives God the glory and brings maximum benefit to the people we are called to serve.